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What thoughts are worming their way through my brain? Well, there's no telling. But if it's interesting to me, there's a good chance it will appear on one or more of my social media feeds.

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Blah blah blogs

The first time I heard the word "blog" I had no idea what it was. A blue dog, maybe. Then I realized it was a place to write stories, and I was all about being a blogger. I like writing stories, and here was my opportunity, non-vetted, open and free. No bloody editors, no limits on length, no subject restrictions. It was perfect, because I truly believe that everybody's entitled to my opinion. Here was my venue to voice it. Or venues. Most people have a blog; I have four. Five if you count my efforts at Xavier. I can't help myself.

  • Waffles At 10,000 Feet: A look at my voyages to Jackson Hole and my quest to eat at Corbet's Cabin, restaurant 10,000 feet atop Rendezvous Mountain that specializes in—you guessed it—waffles.

  • What I've Learned About Life: A list of 50-plus things I've learned (I hope) about life. I put this together for my 50th birthday.

  • What I've Learned About Religion: A list of 50-plus things I've learned (I hope) about religion. I put this together for my 50th birthday.

  • It Seems to Me: Stories about life, death, people, places, things, whatever it seems to me would be interesting to write about.

  • Letters From the Editor: A collection of online columns from my days as editor at Xavier University.