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Through the course of a career, you produce a lot of work. Some is good; some not as good. That makes it hard to judge individually. What's key is the body of work created over time. Everything I've ever done has been put out there into the public realm, open to be judged by angry adults. I'm happy to put these pieces of my portfolio out there.

Of God and Grizzly

For a week one summer, a dozen theology students trekked through the wilds of Yellowstone in search for a connection between religion and nature. It was everywhere, including--and maybe especially--in the grizzly bear.

Joe Morgan: Still the One

In 1976, Joe Morgan was the best player on the best team in baseball. Today, his playing days are over, but he remains the hero we loved.

Red Cross Safety Flyers

In an effort to make the Red Cross safety messaging more visually interesting (and better read), these flyers were created.

Bootsy Unplugged

He may be the king of funk, but at home in Cincinnati Bootsy Collins is just another cat.

A New Life

After retiring from the NBA, Brian Grant was diagnosed with Parkinson's, a disease that is robbing him of his physical gifts but giving him a lot more in return.


Some of the ads created for Xavier.

Direct marketing

Some of the direct marketing pieces done for Xavier.


Articles from Loyalty Management magazine

The Trial of Charlie Cole

When Charlie Cole gunned down Kevin Blankenship on a hot August night, he was taped by his own security camera. He called it self defense; the jury called it murder.

Death of the Small Town

Like many small towns, economic realities have puts its survival in jeopardy.

No Exit

The things we do in the name of attempted murder.

Here Is My Body

In order for someone to receive a heart transplant, someone else must die.

Xavier magazine covers

Some of the covers from my 14 years as editor of Xavier magazine.


Jean Robert Cadet was a child slave in Haiti. He got free when the family he served moved to the U.S., joined the Army, got an education and became a teacher.

Minor Attractions

During the Major League baseball strike, I took a tour of some of the local minor league parks.

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